Smart trolley mall

An RFID reader can access the information of the tag from a distance of around feet, whereas barcode technology can't be read from a distance of more than 15 feet.

Upgrading the Shopping Experience with a Smart Trolley

At the billing counter, computer can be easily interfaced for verification and bill print out. Product procurement represents a complex process.

Smart trolley for Mall

Each and every product has RFID tag instead of barcode scanner. This project is about changing the purchasing processes for supermarket customers.

Shop fast, shop smart: Trolley race for Dh2,000 Eid prize

In addition Trolley Scan will make available simple software packages for those users who want a solution to an application and do not want to write their own software. By using this trolley, customer can buy large number of product in very less time with less effort.


An RFID reader was also installed on the shopping cart to record product related events. On each occasion customer has to pull the trolley from rack to rack for collecting items and simultaneously customer has to perform estimated expense computation. Kowsika Nandhini 3, K.

Every time customer has to pull the trolley from rack to rack for collecting items and at the same time customer has to do calculation of those items and need to compare it with his budget in pocket.

While, up to Dh2, in prize money awaits the lucky winner, even regular shoppers can win gift Smart trolley mall. The customer select the items he wants to purchase then he has to go to the billing counter, the employee of mall will scan the barcode present on every product of each customer.

Their challenge will be to shop the maximum number of products with the given amount without repeating themselves. This is very mundane and takes lot of time to process.

In barcode technology, there is need to scan each and every item based on position of that barcode label attached to that item. Description of product will be displayed on LCD. After this procedure, customer has to wait in queue for billing.

It will wirelessly transfer the product information of the items placed in the trolley to the main computer. This eventually results in long queues. The Smart System was designed to function as a mobile selfcheckout system providing users the flexibility to make transactions from it within the retail store.

Pizac A man is moved from the Trolley Square Mall to an ambulance after a gunman opened fire in the mall hitting several people before he was killed by police Monday, Feb.

The aim of this project is to develop a trolley for shopping malls. Talovic allegedly shot and killed 5 people Monday night and wounded 4 more at a Salt Lake City shopping mall before being shot and killed by police. For this function, wireless network standard ZigBee is appropriate. The device can be removed, so that it can be used from one cart to another.

At the transmitter section the control signals are transmitted using radio frequency. Next A police officer rushes to the scene at Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City after a gunman went on a shooting rampage inside the mall killing five people and wounding four before he was killed by police Monday, Feb 12, A couple of years down the road, this trend has really caught on and such innovative initiatives as the connected shopping mall have begun to emerge.

RFID tags can be interpreted much faster than barcode tags. RFID tags may soon become the most pervasive the mobile number using keypad.

New Style Hand Push Trolley for Mall

As we put the product the cost will get added to the total bill. It has a screen on which you can track how your purchases are mounting up as you move through the store, and as you are pushing the cart it will synchronise with your smartphone to allow you to see what remains on your shopping list and spot any useful promotions on offer.

After total purchase one needs to go to billing counter for payments. The rush is even more when there are special offers and discount. As remote billing system is implemented to avoid any kind of unwanted events of shop lifting or theft, there will be a security system implemented at each exit point of mall which can identify whether customer has paid for the shopping.carrefour careers Bold, Passionate, Together.

A great way to start or boost your career with the world’s leader in hypermarket, Carrefour is always looking for passionate and. Shopping Malls Words | 5 Pages. INTRODUCTION A shopping mall is a building or group of buildings that contains stores.

The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores. TSO Doral Smart Phone App. Using Doral’s new Mobile Application from "TSO MOBILE" you will be able to take advantage of an entirely new, Redesigned Mobile Online Tracker that will take you by the hand and guide you to your next Destination on-board Doral’s New "Old Fashioned" City Trolley’s.

The smart trolley will consists of a RFID reader, LCD display and bluetooth. When a person puts any product in the trolley it will scan the product and the cost and the name of the product will be.

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Tangcity Mall provides convenient whellchairs to assist you during mall hour, available at Customer Service Counter at Sudirman & Perintis Lobby. Shopping Trolley Bag No more exhaustion when shopping with trolley bag facility. If in case while wandering round the mall someone removes the barcode or ID and put the product in trolley, then weight of items helps to get information of items purchased.

Smart trolley mall
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