Keep the arts in schools

Instead of rebelling in potentially harmful ways, teens who are introduced to various arts can express themselves in a positive way through a creative outlet. However, art is also a reflection of the current world. Benefits for Low SES Students Perhaps the greatest benefit of the arts is seen amongst student populations that come from economically disadvantaged homes.

Art for our sake

It is a vital part of the school system and must be appreciated, not set aside. University of Pennsylvania researchers have demonstrated that a high concentration of the arts in a city leads to higher civic engagementmore social cohesion, higher child welfare, and lower poverty rates.

The Truth About Why Music is Cut From Schools (and What We Can Do About It)

We ask that you fill out an application for your student. But not that long ago, amid nationwide budget cuts and an increasing emphasis on instruction and testing in math, science, and language arts, many school districts were forced to reduce arts programming greatly, and in some cases, eliminate parts of their arts curriculum altogether.

No other subject can foster them in the way that the arts can. September Announcements September And not just in the arts — that sense of collaboration and community found in high school band or choir translates into finding ways to do good in the communities where they live.

They are helping alleviate the teacher shortage, while bringing a new perspective to the classroom. The arts also provide social benefits for at-risk students.

In fact, more than half of Americans rate the importance of the arts as a ten on a scale from one to ten. In school districts in which there was a higher percentage of students enrolled in art classes, there were fewer reported behavioral incidents.

July 17, Working to keep the Arts in Public Schools InDetroit Public Schools DPS hit challenging times when deep budget cuts forced the district to end arts programs in many of its schools. We need a balance, and the arts offer that balance.

Schools with the greatest student involvement in the arts reported the highest attendance rates, at an average of If you would like to add your state or local organization's name to those already supporting Arts Education: The messages outlined in Arts Education: Become a Teacher campaign, profiles professionals who have left non-education careers to become teachers.

Patience Photographers must have a perfect sense of timing, and might have to wait quite a while for the perfect shot. As federal lawmakers begin the process of reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act also known as No Child Left Behindwe are reaching out to state and local education supporters, asking you to speak up and help us to keep the arts in public education.

Behavioral Benefits The benefits of art courses extend beyond the academic realm. A study by the Solomon R. To date the following organizations have signed on in support of Arts Education: News Release Video Careers in Teaching California School Dashboard California has launched a new accountability system to provide educators, parents, and the public with important information they can use to evaluate their schools and school districts in an easy-to-understand report card format.

Keep the Change | Spring 2018

But it's not all-important. Arts improve academic performance. Some use their imaginations and visions to help them succeed in their lives. This emphasizes the importance of the individual within the larger organization, a skill and mindset that will be vital down the road.

When you think about it, it makes sense — the arts not only teach kids to be creative, but they also teach collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills. Studies shows that performing arts students are more likely to volunteer in their communities rather than non performing arts students.

They ennoble and inspire us—fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. In Brownsville Area School District due to funding cuts, the district has gone from four music teachers to two, instrumental classes are offered to students in grades 4 and 5 and at the middle school.

Marching band, for example, requires students to master their placements—if one person is off, the entire picture is jeopardized. Who would you want in your corner — someone who looks at a problem and says it can't be solved, or a person who looks at the problem from all angles to figure out how to fix it?

They have allocated funds to hire 15 more arts faculty members for the upcoming school year, each serving multiple schools.Arts 'fundamental' The arts enabled young people to express themselves, which was fundamental to achieving success in later life, he said. "There is a real risk that fewer and fewer schools will.

Iron Mountain Public Schools. OUR MISSION STATEMENT The Iron Mountain Public School District in partnership with students, parents, and community ensures that all.

The arts offer the critical soft skills that bring the big picture together. So let's keep the "A" in "STEAM," and stand up for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math — in our schools.

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To keep music alive, students must be educated about it in schools. Students will not only get to experience and enjoy what music has to offer, but will reap. Sep 17,  · Many communities such as Charlottesville identify themselves as an arts community.

The Benefits of Fine Arts Education

This image translates into passionate support for public funding of the arts.

Keep the arts in schools
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