Indian democracy strength and weakness

Another argument given in favour of democracy is that it serves as a training school for citizens. We need strong grading system for Politicians Grade A — PHD, written few books, expert in law, following of more than 1million people, social work status of more than 10 years.

The democratic spirit did not allow the evolution of centralized political authority or religious one. The Prime Minister of England is also not elected by the people.

This difference in the executive branch creates the key difference between the two systems. They have neither intelligence, nor vision, nor strength of Indian democracy strength and weakness to steer through the ship of the state to its destinations.

Their famous images or famous swing officialdom to immediate response to their demands while officials can easily lead ministers through garden path. The free market does not promote any socialist policy or programme. But unlike the United States the executive in a parliamentary democracy is given his or her authority by the legislative body.

In the American system the executive and legislative branches controlled by members of different parties, as exists now with a Republican president and Democratically controlled Congress. Corrupt must be caught and punished.

The Strength of Indian Democracy

Taking these things into consideration, the elected official may not always be the perfect person for the seat, leading to erroneous decisions.

What is the strengths and weaknesses of the Athenian Democracy? Promotes Change Democracy paved the way for changes in the government without having the use any form of violence. Big business houses influence dailies and use these dailies for creating public opinion to their favour.

There must be strict retirement age for politicianwhich is not applicable now. Manpower mismanagement is a serious malady that needs immediate attention to expedite process of develop0menjt and lower costs of most projects.

Or, perhaps they do not see it as a privilege and take the process less seriously. Hell lot of stupid, uneducated, criminals and nasty people have entered into our democratic system and ruined our country. In fact, they became more insensitive and unresponsive as they were given constitutional protection.

If any politician is found amassing illegal wealth, or indulge in religious violence, his licence must be cancelled, also voting rights. Privileges of political class must be restricted. Dear Friends, Today I am going to discuss with you a topic, about which everyone is worried about.

It has to be induced through state intervention and through expenditure on human development matters. The common people feel that he is one of them, which on its own creates a wide support-base that is so vital for any political leader. As previously stated, the citizens in a democratic country are given the right to vote on political, social and economical issues, particularly the representatives they want to be in charge of making major decisions, such as the president.

It takes much time in the formulation of laws. It lends development and progress to individual and arouses his interest in social activities.

Politician must speak at least 2 languages, one from south India and other from North India. This means that all members of a country or a state are equal in the eyes of law. We can now only hope for the best. Officials as representatives of the Empire functioned from a distance from masses and in cold blooded manners under the belief that every Indian is dishonest.

It lowers the national character. Every person has the right to experience and enjoy equal political, social and economic rights, and the state is not allowed to discriminate him on the standard of sex, class, religion and property.

Gilchrist opines that democracy or popular governments always function with consensus and therefore question of revolt or revolution does not arise. Tacquville is of opinion that "Democracy is the first school of good citizenship. The systems vary in significant ways with advantages and disadvantages in both.

But that has no relevance here as we are talking of the policies and programmes of a political party.Sep 13,  · The biggest weakness of Indian Democracy is the incompetent politicians and blind public who elect them. What is written below is applicable to all political parties in India.

Dear Friends. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy? public opinion lends it strength. It is not based on fear of authority. Gettel is of opinion that democracy stands on consensus, not on power; it admits the existence of state for individual, not individual for the state.

in India, have been experiencing the same thing for the.

The Strength of Indian Democracy

The Strength of Indian Democracy Monday 9 Juneby D. Bandyopadhyay The election of Shri Narendrabhai Modi to the post of the Prime Minister of India and that of Smt Mayawati as the Chief Minister of UP earlier reinforce my faith in the inner strength of our democracy.

Strength An intelligent electorate who have the capability to vote for the right candidate in any election Weakness Spineless Election Commussioners (prior to T. who had reduced the elections to a farce where muscle & money power decided the winner.

Democracy is a term given to political systems that require a popular vote, or representative election, to take place in order to choose officials and leaders of a country.

Indian Democracy. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, aptly defined democracy as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. for the people. This definition clearly underlines the basic tenet that, in this- form of government, people are supreme.

Indian democracy strength and weakness
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