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The Mediterranean remained deadly, with almost 3, dead or missing by mid-November Hungary Hungary saw a decrease in asylum applications inwith 3, asylum seekers registered in the first ten months of the year, compared to more than 26, during the same period inaccording to UNHCR.

Special procedures experts usually consist of five members from each UN region. Germany officially suspended such returns in late August, and a number of other EU countries took a similar approach.

As of September 25,the government had relocated asylum seekers under the EU relocation scheme. A government proposal to make it easier for those born in Italy to obtain citizenship faced significant opposition and remained blocked in parliament at time of writing. In JulyEstonia held its first Pride Parade in 10 years.

The wider impact of the ruling had yet to be felt on the islands at time of writing, and no asylum seekers had been returned under the conditions permitted in the ruling.

Oumar, a year-old from Mali, fled his country in July after he was threatened by armed groups because he worked as a tour guide with foreign tourists. The law triggered protests in Budapest and drew significant international criticism, including from the US Department of State and the European Commission, which also initiated infringement proceedings against Hungary.

By August, Germany had accepted 1, resettled refugees, of whom 1, were Syrian. Trials for war crimes are underway or have been concluded against members of ISIS, former Jabhat al-Nusra members, and various armed groups opposed to the Syrian government. In June, the European Commission accelerated existing plans to combat radicalization and remove online terrorist content.

In the first half ofauthorities recorded attacks on asylum shelters and attacks on refugees and asylum seekers outside their home. At time of writing, an inquiry was ongoing. An immigration power allowing similar restrictions on foreign nationals pending deportation came into effect the same month.

The two-year binding plan to relocate almostasylum seekers out of Greece and Italy officially ended in September, with only 29, people actually transferred, less than one-third of the final target.

In November, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Poland to take steps needed for the parliament to make a formal request to the council to trigger article 7 in relation to Poland. The body is hugely responsible for protecting and preserving human rights all over the world.

The Latvian State Language Center continues to sanction individuals for failing to use Latvian in professional communications. In April, the ECtHR ruled that requiring transgender people to undergo sterilization in order to have their gender recognized violates human rights.

Meanwhile, asylum seekers continued to face widely varying recognition rates across the union.

Human Rights in the European Union - Essay Example

By the end of October, the central government had opened four new short-term shelters and provided running water, toilets, and showers. In May, the European Parliament adopted a resolution characterizing the human rights situation as one that risked breaching EU values and calling for action under article 7 of the EU treaty.

Unaccompanied migrant and asylum children continued to be placed in residential institutions for children without adequate arrangements for their protection and care. The European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize to the democratic opposition and political prisoners in Venezuela.

Together with the help of human rights activities and bodies e. A draft law to move EU law into domestic law after Brexit raised serious concerns about granting broad powers to the executive to amend laws undermining rights without parliamentary scrutiny, and excluding rights currently protected under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

By late September, France relocated asylum seekers from Italy and 4, from Greece.

United Nations Human Rights Council Essay

The first election of members was held on May 9, Greece opened afternoon preparatory classes to integrate asylum-seeking and migrant children into public schools on the Greek mainland, but failed to cover hundreds of children on the islands.

Croatia relocated 78 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy by late September. There were reportedly between and 1, migrants, including up to unaccompanied children, in the Calais area, as of October, despite the dismantling of the squalid, informal camp at the end of Coupled with recent restrictive amendments to the asylum law, which bar asylum seekers from meaningful access to the asylum procedure, authorities limited daily entry of asylum seekers to 20, leaving thousands stranded in Serbia in poor conditions.

At time of writing, the education ministry was planning to extend classes to children on the islands, but plans excluded children older than 15 and those living in camps.

It was in the detention center that Oumar finally spoke with someone from the Red Cross who told him about his right to apply for asylum. Separately, in April the government reversed a much-criticized decision in February to curtail a program to bring unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in Europe without family ties to the UK.

In the first seven months of the year, the number of new asylum applications almost doubled compared towhile authorities granted some form of protection in 43 percent of cases. The president signed a third law giving the justice minister power to appoint the presidents of lower courts, lower the retirement age for judges and dismiss the president of any court.

In March, a new EU directive to combat terrorism, strengthening the existing EU framework, was approved by governments. Using its parliamentary majority, the government introduced a series of laws in July that threaten judicial independence and the rule of law.

Far-right groups regularly attacked asylum seekers on the island of Chios.Jun 23,  · European Union is based on the rule of law, individual human rights protection and a common European Union Citizenship.

The aspirations of the Union have extended far beyond the original aims of a common market for. Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights – these values are embedded in the EU treaties.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is a clear and strong statement of EU citizens' rights. The European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), outlines the various rights of citizens in European nations, giving explicit power to the European courts (ECtHR), as well as domestic courts, with regard to the violation of these rights in the member states of the European Union.

The European Union (EU) is a family of democratic European countries, committed to working together for peace and prosperity.

Human Rights in the European Union - Essay Example

It is not a state intended to replace existing states, but it is more than any other international organization.

The development of a human rights policy in the EU has been a long and often undocumented journey. The sectoral approach of the Paris Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in had an economic and functional intention, lacking a declaration of fundamental rights, as.

Human Rights in the European Union Name Institution The European Union believes that freedoms, democracy, human rights and equality are universal values that ought to be vigorously promoted and advocate for all over the world.

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