Heritage and cultural tourism essay

Furthermore, there is fear that the hiring process of the hotel would not benefit the natives as they will be discriminated upon for not being able to speak Chinese.

So the results of this many lost opportunities to provide value to visitor experiences even though handling rare and poor resources in a communal framework, environmentally and ethically accountable and sustainable manner.

The collaboration between the three different ownerships assures the protection of the heritage and cultural sites that are endangered with the rise in the development of modern buildings. Furthermore, the organization is also concerned with art, pictures, paintings and furniture of historical, cultural and heritage importance to the UK National Trust, Some detailed explanation about the assessed factors have been depicted down under: Potential conflicts occur in the conservation of heritage and cultural resources Potential conflicts which happen in the process of conserving the heritage and culture resource of the nation are been identified.

As well as being used to as a mechanism to develop regional economies by attracting tourists to heritage sites and the surrounding areas, Cultural Tourism is forms an important part of a countries national tourism economy.

The Operational Guidelines proposing an effectual system of direction should include a uninterrupted rhythm of planning, implementing, monitoring, measuring and feedback, together with the active engagement of stakeholders in the planning procedure UNESCO,Article What impacts does development of heritage tourism caused to the Balinese?

There are two types of tourists are that has interested to visit a social sites throughout the world and the second one who A lot of the people's travel interest is to view heritage sites surrounding the world plus some leisure activity thus it increasing the economy of respective destination.

Rowan Yorke and Uzi Baram have compiled a number of studies relating to popular cultural sites worldwide, which deal with the interrelationship that exists between the commercial and political aspect of historical sites, including balancing the importance of archaeology against profit.

Further, the main aim behind the interpretation is to provide and enrich visitors with a comfortable experience so that it will be easy for them in order to understand the significance of the place where they are visiting.


Creating the Unique Destination Proposition. In conclusion, it is evident that organizations such as the ones mentioned above have different roles and responsibilities apart from funding and management.

Since cultural heritage tourism caught the eye of the economists a decade ago, there have been many economic studies developed to measure the impact that this activity has in the regions where the heritage tourism is practiced Toselli, C.

Cultural traditions conservation is definitely a centre of conversation in the form of developing economy of various nations. To achieve this, one must use the particular qualities of its historical value to target the appropriate market.

In the 15th century Guru Nanak laid the foundation of the Sikh religious beliefs in Punjab.

The Cultural Heritage Tourism Tourism Essay

It is vitally important when designing a marketing program to advance the qualities and attractions of the site in a way that will bring it to the forefront of the travelers mind, making it more relevant and notable to them than sites of a similar nature.

Further, from observation point of view, tourist and travellers can go through the exhibitions, galleries where they can spend the best quality time with their family members or with the loved ones.

Potential negative impacts include: The explained phenomenon has exerted a great influence onto the behavioural changes, as well as on the change in structure of the existing needs of holiday demand compare with the previous period.

The museum also stimulates public debate on humanity, its present state and the future Nhm. They represent the best and most of import illustrations of our cultural and natural heritage.

These civilisations are known to possess a sophisticated way of life, an extremely developed sense of looks, an astounding knowledge of town planning and an unreadable script terminology.

The ground plan is a basilical one: HCTM 10 Cultural and heritage attractions are far much important to tourists as is other attractions.´╗┐HERITAGE AND CULTURAL TOURISM TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Tourism is third largest industry in the world and according to the report of World travel and Tourism Council tourism industry generates approx 12% of world GNP (Agyei and Samuel, ).

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HERITAGE AND CULTURE TOURISM MANAGEMENT Tourism is one of the broadest industry that has received ascendancy in most economic literature owing to its fast growth. Growing interest in culture and heritage by tourists has led to such an increase in the number of visits to cultural heritage destinations in the.

Cultural tourism and cultural heritage management work as equivalent activities in most places with really little conversation between the two (Mckercher and Du Cros, ). As it shows common interest between the cultural and cultural heritage is the management, conservation, and preservation of the cultural and heritage properties.

Heritage And Cultural Tourism Management

Potential For Cultural And Heritage Tourism Tourism Essay Introduction. An investment in cultural and heritage tourism helps build a sense of pride of place, making any city a better place to live, a better place to locate a business, and a better place to visit but, before an investment in cultural and heritage tourism is made, the first step being taken is to conduct an assessment of the.

Heritage and cultural tourism essay
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