Case study on recruitment and selection

While other companies envy Google for attracting and acquiring such highly-talented and highly-skilled individuals from all over the world, the company finds it as a serious cause of dilemma. The better the candidates are; the higher quality job candidates can be hired.

But rather than driving success, I have found as I also found at previous stock-growth powerhouses like Charles Schwab, Intel, Cisco, and Microsoft that rather than contributing to success, the money also has negative impacts.

Generally, the policy is to prefer internal sourcing, as own employees know the company well and can recommend candidates who fitthe organizations culture.


In an article released in New York Times inGoogle Inc shared its non-traditional, highly creative and unconventional approach of selecting and hiring employees.

The graduates do select the employer by the strength of the brand name on the job market and offered opportunities in the organization. Trouble started when the bill for Rs 12 lakh came from vendor. As Table 2 shows, only 5 percent of the resumes were rejected in the first selection step. In putting up this program, Google made sure that it would deliver them a world-class employee whose personality, qualifications and work ethics reflect the Google standards.

Ideally, organizations should attempt to identify job openings well in advance of an announced resignation. They furnish the general standards or basis on which decisions are reached.

Overall, the process was a lengthy, tedious and nerve-wracking experience which can possibly traumatize anyone whose dream is to work for one of the most prestigious companies in the world.

The General Orientation is usually managed by either the Training Department or the Human Resources Department, with the Departmental Orientation by the Department Head or first Assistant, while the specific Job Orientation can be carried out by an experienced and trained employee trained on how to train.

The approach was definitely a successful micro-targeted approach. Internal recruitment can include promotions to a higher level position, and also lateral moves to a same level position.

Getting the Right People

Effective HRP greatly facilitates the recruiting efforts. Are the criteria specific, measurable and job-related? On the other hand, as theunemployment rates drops recruiting efforts must be increased and newsources explored.

Potential benefits of this approach Having a pool of qualified candidates available can help to reduce time to hire when suitable positions become available Potential drawbacks of this approach The percentage of resumes with skills appropriate for your organization may be small Career Fairs and Outreach Programs Career fairs provide an opportunity to connect informally with interested candidates, often in a particular industry.

Maybe in a technical company humour is not allowed. In addition there is a variable component which is dependent on the extent to which individually agreed targets are achieved and on the operating performance of the company as a whole.

Recruitment and Selection

Given its key role and external visibility, recruitment isnaturally subject to influence of several factors. Case law on discrimination in recruitment Share Case law on discrimination in recruitment Selected cases on discrimination during the recruitment process A selection of key cases on discrimination during the recruitment process, with a summary of the decision and implications for employers.International Journal of Business and Technopreneurship Volume 5, No.

2, June [] Recruitment & Selection Procedure: A Case Study on Palmal Group. HR Recruitment Case Studies HR and Reward Manager recruited for a start-up oil & gas company Genel Energy is a start-up oil and gas company, the global HR Director, who is based in Turkey was keen to recruit an HR and Reward Manager to be based in the London office.

This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of the recruitment process, selection process and employee competence on outsourced employee performance(in outsourcing Industries). (staffing, recruitment and selection).

In the associated case study we explore how companies use recruitment and selection techniques to attract and hire qualified employees to fulfil those needs. Browse Case Study, Examples and Recruitment content selected by the Human Resources Today community.

The Few, The Proud,” sets it apart from the other services. When forward-thinking HR teams reformed the recruiting and selection process, the this is gaming rather than gamification - and quite similar to the recruitment case studies.

Aug 30,  · Key Topics Recruitment Interviewing Careers Communication Getting a job is one of life's big challenges. But how does it look from the employers' point of view?

Case study on recruitment and selection
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