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Even journalists with pretentions of being serious usually only serve elites and ignore social movements.

Kenya targets 'fish thieves' with new coastguard

Hacked cards An undercover investigation by BBC News revealed how easy it was to obtain stolen credit and debit card details on the internet. But in Iraq, Afghanistan, other developing countries and areas of conflict in some countries, you have to leave your comfort zone.

If they did indeed have evidence of Syrian brutality, they surely would have included it in their report and the voices at the BBC, on CNN, in Reuters and beyond would ceaselessly air it. However, considering Iraq and more recently Libya, and the UN's complicit role in facilitating genocide in both nations based on similarly tenuous "human rights" reports, a clear pattern emerges.

You want to eat decent food and have running water, constant electricity, internet access, conversations with colleagues. If they hadn't heard of her, then they obviously were not familiar with Arab culture. Henry Waxman, who chairs the House committee on oversight and government reform, said: Posing as computer hackers, two journalists infiltrated a website selling thousands of stolen card details which had been stolen online from small internet retailers.

The results showed that the younger generation in Saudi Arabia feels that owning technology would set them apart from others, while the older generation in the UAE feels intimidated by technology, perceiving it as more of a challenge. The information collected is stored in a secure database governed by United Nations rules on confidentiality.

Some even work for the mainstream media. These create distortions, falsehoods and justify the narrative of those with power. Then they show the "back story" about the journalist and his work rather than the story.

And in Afghanistan it's 'pushtunwali', the secret to understanding Afghans. It means you have to depend on somebody from a certain social class, or sect, or political position, to filter and mediate the country for you.

A US gagging order is preventing discussion of the allegations. You don't get detained by the police because you have the right badge. In a way my work has still served to support the narrative.

It has been these very NGOs supplying a steady stream of similarly baseless "witness accounts" since the unrest began earlier this year, as they've done in LibyaBelarusTunisiaThailandand beyond. You spend 20 hours a day in seclusion from the country.

To date, no major US contractor faces trial for fraud or mismanagement in Iraq. But an occupation is a systematic and constant imposition of violence on an entire country. As a first step towards this, Whirlpool Corporation has embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between older and younger generations, bringing them together under the AgelessTechnology movement.

Marcelo: Real Madrid defender 'admits tax fraud' in Spain

You learn about it by driving around in a normal car, not an armoured one with tinted windows. The American media always want to fit events in the region into an American narrative. Hanging out is key. And this is a dangerous sport. Then there are the daily Abu Ghraibs you endure when you live in an occupied country, having to navigate a maze of immense concrete walls, of barbed wire, waiting at checkpoints, waiting for convoys to go by, waiting for military operations to end, waiting for the curfew to end, military vehicles running you off the road, fifty calibre machine guns pointed at you, M16s pointed at you, pistols pointed at you, large foreign soldiers shouting at you and ordering you around.Opposition leaders fear recent changes to electoral procedures could lead to voting fraud.

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Getting behind the issues of trade, business and economics, Middle East Business Report provides a window on finance and commerce in the Gulf, revealing how this important economic region works.

A BBC investigation estimates that around $23bn (£bn) may have been lost, stolen or just not properly accounted for in Iraq. The BBC's Panorama programme has used US and Iraqi government sources to research how much some private contractors have profited from the conflict and rebuilding.

Lahore Online Live Radio Show. likes · 3 talking about this. Sunday 8pm-This is Lahore Online live Internet broadcast Radio Show In this Show We Play. Several of Belgium's top football clubs have been raided as part of a police investigation into alleged fraud involving the transfer of players.

Agents, referees and officials from top clubs. A BBC investigation estimates that about $23bn may have been lost, stolen or not properly accounted for in Iraq. BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions By Jane Corbin BBC News Waxman: "It may well turn out to be the largest war profiteering in history." TOP MIDDLE EAST STORIES.

'Alarming' rise in under 21s falling victim to fraud

Iranian scientist 'heading home' Attack on Yemen security .

Bbc middle east business report facebook fraud
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