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To pass the bill, Douglas had to win the support of southern congressmen, many of whom had no interest in helping a northern city win the railroad and did not want to help in the creation of another free state.

Northern Democratic representation in the House of Representatives declined, and by the mids, the Democrats became a southern-dominated party. C Interactions between European rivals and American Indian populations fostered both accommodation and conflict.

One point of 1 for synthesis. First, an analysis into why such discontent was growing amongst the American agricultural society is needed. Second part of Chapter 4 notes, over the social history of Colonial America. The more you practice using these strategies, the better you will become at quickly finding significance in the documents.

Document-Based Questions

But if American democracy will not defend its defenders; if American democracy will not protect its protectors; if American democracy will not insure equality of opportunity, freedom and justice to its citizens, black and white, it is a hollow mockery and belies the principles for which it is supposed to stand.

Power is the active principle of only the organized masses, the masses united for a definite purpose. What were the limits of Republican idealism when it came to disadvantaged social and demographic groups in American society?

Chapter 40 Lecture29 April The American Revolution occurred because the American colonists, who had long been developing a strong sense of autonomy and self-government, furiously resisted British attempts to impose tighter imperial controls and higher taxes after the end of the French and Indian War in High Political leader 32 year old New Yorker who saved the convention from complete failure by engineering the adoption of his report.

With drama now rumbling in the American underbellies, the small weight of anything slightly bad could set off a secession bomb. What was the early Republican platform, and why was it successful?

How did Southerners respond to the doctrine? This essay would receive all 4 possible points for the analysis of historical evidence and support.

European colonial economies focused on acquiring, producing, and exporting commodities that were valued in Europe and gaining new sources of labor. Proudly powered by Weebly.

Ralph Waldo Emerson believed that the Constitution, when assorted with others like the fugitive slave law or the compromise of were contradictory, and that they aid to the now inevitable seeming end of the union. Inboth parties attempted to avoid the contentious topic of slavery.

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Document D "What kind of legislation is this? One of the youngest and most brilliant founding fathers. There essays are the most penetrating commentary ever written on the Constitution. In general, how did the most radical of the Revolutionary generation respond to the Constitution, and why?

This meant that slavery would have a chance to develop in the area, and it reopened the issue of the expansion of slavery, which caused an uproar in the North. Those views that differentiated were of those in the North and South. While Americans held proudly to their identity, it was clear that they were willing to give up some of the ideals they held as part of their identity and were also willing to expand the scope of who was considered an American during a time of national emergency.European Encounters in Africa and the Americas, The Roots of English Colonization, The Role of Tobacco, Bacon’s Rebellion, Puritan Society, Contrast Between New England and the Chesapeake Regions, Indian Societies in New England, Emergence of a Slave Economy, Mercantilism, Salutary Neglect, Rise of Colonial Assemblies, Great Awakening, Enlightenment in America, Women in.

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May 12,  · Document-based questions are one of three different types of essays you will need to be able to write on the AP exam, and in class.

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The document-based question is sometimes better understood as an evidence-based question: you will be given a question on an historical topic, and then provided with a series of documents, charts, maps. The Iron Colt Becomes an Iron Horse. The government-business entanglements also undermined the industrial development.

The unparalleled outburst of railroad construction was a crucial case; bythe miles of railroad had spurted up to , much of which was west of MI river. 1. Early Discovery & Settlement 2. America & the British Empire 3. Late 17c and 18c American Society.

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Apush dbq chapter 3 4
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