A look at the mystery and controversies surrounding the 1975 shipwreck in the great lakes

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Great Lakes, Great Reads

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Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

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Mysterious shipwreck discovered in Great Lakes believed to be nearly 200 years old

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It is still too early to use a more refined methodology, like the USGS's Technically Recoverable Resource "top down" estimates, which require production data from wells.The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald It’ s the most famous shipwreck in Great Lakes history, and the cause of the disaster remains a mystery.

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Stand Up For Great Lakes present $15K at Fitzgerald memorial ceremony. 11/14 - Whitefish Point, Mich. – The crew from Stand Up for Great Lakes presented a $15, check to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society during the annual memorial ceremony of the S.S.

Edmund Fitzgerald.

The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald

The Edmund Fitzgerald was lost with her entire crew of 29 men on Lake Superior November 10,17 miles north-northwest of Whitefish Point, Michigan.

Whitefish Point is the site of the Whitefish Point Light Station and Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. The ship was last seen on radar around p.m. the most famous shipwreck in Great Lakes history, the cause is still a mystery. long history with the Great Lakes shipping industry. Edmund. Aug 17,  · Watch video · ALBANY, N.Y.

— The second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian-owned sloop that sank in Lake Ontario more than years ago, has been found, a team of .

A look at the mystery and controversies surrounding the 1975 shipwreck in the great lakes
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